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Re: [Xen-devel] Migrate/Save of 32-bit domU Broken on Xen 3.1.2 64-bit dom0

Dang, doesn't work in Xen 3.1.3-rc1 (like you said/expected), with or without Kurt's patches.

Hmm... I thought 32-bit paravirtualized domU's on 64-bit dom0's were supported in Xen 3.1.x? Or am I mistaken?

Perhaps standard features such as start/shutdown/pause of 32-bit PV domU's on 64-bit dom0's are supported, but not the more advanced management features like save and migrate - and I was just unclear from the beginning?

And of course... the final question that all developers hate... when s/could one _hope_ (not expect!) to see save/migrate functionality of 32-bit PV domU's on 64-bit dom0's? :-D

Our whole reason for moving to 64-bit dom0's was to utilize 32GB of memory, instead of the 16GB limitation on 32-bit PAE dom0's. We can't convert all of our virtual machines (100+) to 64-bit linux as its too much work and some actually have to be 32-bit due to vendor supplied software (Oracle, Zimbra, etc). I suppose we'll wait to move to 64-bit until [live] migration is available, as its used quite frequently in our machine rooms.

Thanks for all of your help Keir and Kurt.

Keir Fraser wrote:
Looking at the issues that need to be handled to support this, it cannot be
expected to work.

 -- Keir

On 18/1/08 22:13, "Joshua West" <jwest@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ahh.  Well, I'm building xen-3.1.3-rc1 right now and I'll see how that goes.

Keir, have you seen this issue before?  Where one cannot xm save/migrate
a 32-bit domU on a 64-bit dom0?  Or is this expected to work and just
doesn't go well for me?

Keir Fraser wrote:
On 18/1/08 22:05, "Joshua West" <jwest@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just to make sure the patches aren't the cause of this new error
message, I'm going to see what happens with Xen 3.1.3-rc1 w/o patches.

Kurt, Keir, everybody else... any ideas as to why "xm save" (and thus
"xm migrate") of 32-bit domU's does not work on 64-bit dom0's?  Has
anybody found this to be successful in the past?
The extent of the patches that Kurt posted indicate its pretty unlikely to
work without considerable code modification. I guess those patches aren't
quite fully baked yet, unfortunately, or haven't been written with your
precise case in mind.

 -- Keir

Joshua West
Systems Engineer
Brandeis University

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