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Re: [Xen-devel] Test results on Unisys ES7000 64x 256gb using unstablec/s 16693 on 3.2.0 Release Candidate

On 28/1/08 14:02, "Bill Burns" <bburns@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok, some progress. Background is that 3.1.2 (and 3.1.3 at least
> as it was a wek or two ago) fails to boot on a 64 CPU es7000 with
> over 112GB of memory. This is with both HV & dom0 being x86_64.
> The symptom is that the dom0 kernel gets time went backwards
> error during init.
> The patch at which this first fails is 15137, which is the patch
> that introduces using the ACPI PM timer as the clock
> source. If I include the next patch (that allows for clock
> selection) and choose pit as clock source the system boots
> fine. Without the arg the ACPI timer is used and I get the hang.

The obvious question then is what happens to the ACPI PM timer when dom0
gets more than 112GB of memory. Perhaps it's worth adding some tracing to
Xen and see whether e.g., the platform timer stops running?

 -- Keir

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