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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen inside Xen with VMX?

You can run Xen within an HVM domain but you won't be able to run HVM domains 
inside that.  The HVM environment does not provide emulated VMX / SVM support 
at the moment.

> If it's not possible I guess
> VT etc. doesn't really offer true emulation since the guest would be able
> to detect the emulation by noticing that it wasn't itself able to become a
> hypervisor.

Well, there are plenty of existing machines out there that don't support HVM - 
and even one ones that theoretically do it may be disabled in the BIOS.  So 
you can't tell just from that aspect of the CPU behaviour that you're running 
in a VM.

There are more obvious Xen/Qemu-specific interfaces that can tell the guest 
straightforwardly that it's in a VM, though.


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