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Re: [Xen-devel] code read problems

 I read checkpoint code
when checkpoint or migration ends,guestos continues processing by returning back from hypercall of suspend, that is ,take_machine_down() call the post_suspend() to continue ,is it right? while in post_suspend(),pfn_to_mfn_frame_list_list[] is converted by virt_to_mfn(),why do this convert? i could not find where it has been converted,and why should it be converted back? and in the xc_domain_restore()in the dom0,pagetable has been uncanonicalized, which is coupled with canonicalization in xc_domain_save(),is it ? ,and what is the reasons for pfn_to_mfn_frame_list_list[] virt_to_mfn in post_suspend()?
 could you help me


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