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[Xen-devel] How to disable 'restart required'

Hi folks,
I meet a problem when developing windows pv drivers for Xen.
I need to install PV drivers when virtual disk working on QEMU mode. For virtual block devices, I need to hide PV virtual disks otherwise we may have some problems on data coherence. After PV drivers are installed on system successful, I can reboot system to enter PV mode. Then my PV drivers will take effect and virtual disk will work on PV mode.

My problem is when PV drivers take effect for the first time, Vista/Srv2008 will install PV drivers to service virtual disk, but system reboot again is required. It will pops up a dialog to reboot system again. Of course we can reboot system later and PV drivers can work fine, but I think it's not comfortable for customers. How can I hide this dialog?

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