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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Re-enable MSI support

[Espen Skoglund]
>> Also, as for the reference to pci_dev, do you have plan to add such
>> support? For example, I'm not sure if we can return fail for
>> pci_remove_device if there is still reference to it? Will dom0
>> support such failure?

> The reason I opted for a pdev->spinlock rather than refcount was
> that removing a pdev with a refcount is kind of messy.  The pdev is
> not an anonymous struct that can be released by, e.g., an RCU like
> mechanism.  It is intrinsically tied with a BDF, and we can not
> create a new pdev for that BDF until the previous pdev struct has
> been completely purged.

> [...me rambling on...]

Forget what I just said about rw_lock ordering.  I forgot about the
write_lock on list insert/delete.


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