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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: pv_ops dom0 USB fixed

Todd Deshane wrote:

    So I've been getting things going on my test box here.  What I've

    When I set the SATA controller to either "Legacy" mode or "Native
    / IDE" mode in the BIOS, it works fine.

    When I set it to AHCI, I see the same timeouts on IDENTIFY, but
    the DVD drive is detected properly.

    USB seems to be working fine.  If I plug in a memory stick,  I can
    mount the filesystem and read things from it.

    In these logs, it looks like you've overlooked the patch I added
    on Friday (vmap-allow-unflush-tlb.patch), and your udevd processes
    have been caught up in a deadlock which is preventing them from
    doing their thing.  I suspect that's the root cause of your problems.


You are right. I hadn't had a chance to try the latest kernel until today.

I can now boot the usb disk with no problem.


I can also now boot the hard drive in ATA mode (in the bios called RAID, with a
note that says if not labeled then ATA mode)


I also was able to create an HVM guest (ubuntu 8.04 from an ISO file)

Oh, good, I hadn't tried that yet. The dom0 kernel doesn't really care much whether domains are pv or hvm, but its nice to know it works.

Will I be able to do passthrough stuff on this VT-d box?

No, I haven't looked at passthrough at all yet.

So in general the dom0 kernel seems quite functional.

Some kinks to work out here and there, but it seems
quite usable (with some limitations).

What is the plan going forward?

What else needs to be tested etc.?

Well, it would be nice to get to the bottom of why AHCI isn't working. If legacy mode works OK, then I guess that's an acceptable workaround for now. But it does suggest there's something screwy going on that will probably bite us on other devices too.

The big missing feature is netback. Once that's done all the major functionality will be present.

At that point the the TODO list would be something along the lines of:

   * blktap
   * MSI support
   * other backends (framebuffer, pci passthrough, etc)
   * wider testing on more hardware
   * performance tuning
   * complete decommissioning of 2.6.18-xen


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