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RE: [Xen-devel] Huge Time went backwards

Interesting.  This is reported booting dom0, correct?  Are
you running NTP in dom0?

Tim, do you suppose this is an extreme example of the NTP
interaction bug you fixed here:

> If I get on your nerves with my time keeping issues

No, it is good to raise awareness of these issues until they
are all fixed.  ESPECIALLY if you see time problems in xen-unstable,
it would be good to get them fixed before 3.4 is final.

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Just an observation, to whom it may concern: when booting between 3.3.1 and
current xen-3.4-unstable, right after loading powernow-k8, there will be one 
Time went backwards messages (500ms upt to 1,5s), which disappears unless
you change Xen version again.

BTW: If I get on your nerves with my time keeping issues, just drop a note and 
I keep calm ;-).


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