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Re: [Xen-devel] Latest Arndale Xen, dom0 kernel stuck on ASIX mac.

On 5 June 2013 20:23, Sander Bogaert <sander.bogaert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Does Xen hang? You can try triple CTRL-a and see if Xen answers.
>>>> Is linux/xen receive the SATA interrupt?
>>> Xen does not hang. How can I check who got the sata interrupt?
>> If you cherry-pick fb61df1 from my tree (julieng/xen-unstable.git),
>> you will be able to know
>> which IRQ has been sent to the guest and when. You will need to do
>> triple CTRL-a then 'q'.
> I attached the interrupt information and I got this from the manual:
> SPI Port No     ID
> 109                141       SATAPMEREQ
> 108                140       SATAPHY
> These where the only ones I could find with "SATA" in the description
> but I'm not sure these are all the relevant ones. I'm not sure which
> is the ID your patch prints but I'm guessing the SPI Port No. If that
> is the case 109 - SATAPMEREQ shows up in there and 108 doesn't. There
> is a 107 but the exynos manual states that one as reserved...

> If I'm right about the ID printed does this mean the SATA interrupt
> doesn't make it through Xen to dom0?

vgic dump printed ID not SPI. I have just noticed that my current branch (based
on linux upstream 3.9-rc4) doesn't support exynos ATA.
It seems the driver is not yet upstreamed in the kernel.

I have updated my tree with a branch based on linaro's tree (which is
a linux 3.10-rc2)
and there is a driver for the exynos ATA. The command to clone and compile the

git clone -b linaro-3.10
git://xenbits.xen.org/people/julieng/linux-arm.git linux
cd linux
make arndale_xen_dom0_defconfig
make zImage
make dtbs

The device tree is: arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dtb

If it works for you I will update the wiki page and stick to the linaro tree for
the next update.


Julien Grall

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