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Re: [Xen-devel] pvgrub2 for ARM

> > > > I've mostly been trying to get (native) SATA going, so my Xen
> > > > experiments are a bit lightweight, but it does boot. Bamvor has reported
> > > > success with using the MMC and documented it on the wiki. I think he's
> > > > using an A31 based STB of some sort.
> > > i use the NFS as root not the MMC, and the usb storage should work but no
> > > lucky for me. i test these on A20 STB(mele A100 Dual, only 40$!!)
> > > successful.
> > 
> > Ah, I thought for some reason you had an A31 based thing?
> yes, i had A31 STB. but the sd socket is broken, usb fel is not work. 
> i would try boot from internal flash in future.
> there are lots of guys work on A20, it seems a better choice to do what I 
> want.

Yes, the A20 does seem to be getting more traction with upstream folks
and hobbiests etc and does seem to be a better choice.

I think this is partly because it has a GPU with an active reverse
engineering effort (MALI=>LIMA) instead of the A31's PowerVR which I
think doesn't have such an effort.


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