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[Xen-devel] About Gsoc 2014 - Xen Project

    Hello, all of you.
    It's great to know that the Xen Project has applied as a Mentoring Organization of Gsoc 2014. 
    I am a postgraduate and I'm now doing some research on the scheduler of Xen hypervisor. 
So I am ready to hacking the Xen code. But I have no experience of open source development
though I am curious and enthusiastic about it. I want to participate in Gsoc 2014 and work on one of 
these Xen projects as my first step to open source development. 
    I am interested in several projects which listed in the Gsoc-Xen page and I don't know how to pick 
one. It is said that a few Xen maintainers used to be Gsoc students but I don't know how to contact 
    Please give me some advices.
    This is my first time to send email to xen mailing list. If I did something inappropriate on mailing 
etiquette, please figure out. I am glad to involve in this community.
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