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Re: [Xen-devel] Code 12 with VGA passthrough, even with qemu-traditional

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 11:14:30 AM, you wrote:

> Hi,
> Despite a lot of fiddling I am still unable to pass through either an Nvidia 
> Quadro 6000 (actually a soft modded GTX480) or a Radeon HD6950 in Xen 4.3, 
> 4.4 or -unstable. It fails in Windows 8 with code 12.
> The hardware is capable - I have had the Radeon pass through in KVM using the 
> 'nosnoop' patch (prevents PCIe device using NoSnoop) and supplying the BIOS 
> in a file. That was with the same VM. I would much prefer to get Xen working, 
> however.
> Normal passthrough works fine, I.e. LAN. This is also running under Debian 
> Wheezy
> Any advice welcome. I've tried unpatched unstable, unpatched 4.4 and 4.3 
> patched with all the ATI/Nvidia and 4GB memory patches. No difference. I am 
> definitely using xen-traditional here
> Hardware : S3210SHLC motherboard with Q6700 CPU (I.e. pre SLAT/EPT). Graphics 
> card must be on the southbridge 4x PCIe slot (all other slots have their 
> speed restricted). Motherboard include an embedded G200e, used as the console.
> The same behaviour occurs with the kernel (xen as modules) and 3.16 
> (built in)

Have you tried with a linux guest, although it's perhaps not you end goal .. 
if that works you can at least say you should have a fair change of getting 
things to work (and i think more verbose and easy to debug then windows and the 
windows radeon drivers).

I have a system (amd based) with radeon HD6950 that is able to be passed 
to a linux HVM guest (although you only get output after the kernel loads the 
radeon KMS/DRM driver since it's secondary passthrough). This is _not_ the 
primary graphics card from the host (got another radeon for dom0).

There are still issues  with rebooting the vm etc. 
I'm using xen-unstable, linux kernel 3.16 and qemu-xen (not traditional).


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