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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 25/46] Use configure --mandir=DIR to set MANDIR

On Tue, Sep 23, Ian Campbell wrote:

> Maybe we are just using it wrong and we should be doing in Paths.mk.in:
>         prefix=@prefix@
>         datarootdir=@datarootdir@
>         mandir=@mandir@
>         ...
>         MANDIR=\$mandir
> (or even just switching our code to $mandir). Perhaps looking at what
> automake would put in Makefile.in for a generic project would be
> informative?
> That would be a bigger change though and I'd be OK with deferring for
> now.

With automake the resulting variables are all lowercase. Perhaps thats
the reason why configure uses also lowercase. Just xen uses uppercase
for all variables.

So my options are either: expand to lowercase variables and assign to
existing uppercase variables later in that file. Or do a treewide
conversion from upper to lowercase.

Looks like the simplest change would be to expand all variables from
configure in Paths.mk and assign them later to existing variables.


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