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Re: [Xen-devel] Error when Glib cross compiled into Mini-OS without the support of "_POSIX_THREADS"

On Thu, 25 Sep 2014, Lele MA wrote:

>AFAIK mini-os doesn't supply a POSIX thread API, correct.
>I don't think anything else in the current stubdom infra (e.g. newlib)
>supplies one either.
>> If so, can I still use the glib in the Mini-OS without the support of
>That would be a question for the glib maintainers. At a minimum I'd
>expect you would need to port glib to the mini-os thread API.

Thank you so much! 

My ultimate goal is to use libvmi in mini-os. 
And libvmi needs glib's support. 
So I needs to cross-compile glib into mini-os firstly.

libvmi seems to use only simple list interface (GSList) from glib
and probably not much more. It does not need threads and such stuff.

It is probably much easier to supply some C list implementation
to libvmi and get rid of glib dependency completely.

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