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Re: [Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH v2 10/12] make-flight: create XSM test jobs

Wei Liu writes ("[OSSTEST PATCH v2 10/12] make-flight: create XSM test jobs"):
> Duplicate Debian PV and HVM test jobs for XSM testing.

> -  job_create_test 
> test-$xenarch$kern-$dom0arch-xl$qemuu_suffix-$testname-amd64\
> +  xsm=$3
> +
> +  xsm_suffix=""
> +  if [ x$xsm = xy ] ; then
> +      xsm_suffix="-xsm"
> +  fi

I think you should pass $xsm as a new argument to job_create_test and
move this (repeated, in this patch) suffix handling into

> +  # xsm tests for versions > 4.4, arch amd64 and armhf
> +  case "$xenbranch:$xenarch" in
> +  xen-3.*-testing:*) test_xsm="n";;
> +  xen-4.0-testing:*) test_xsm="n";;
> +  xen-4.1-testing:*) test_xsm="n";;
> +  xen-4.2-testing:*) test_xsm="n";;
> +  xen-4.3-testing:*) test_xsm="n";;
> +  xen-4.4-testing:*) test_xsm="n";;
> +  *:amd64|armhf)     test_xsm="n y";;

I seem to remember this table appearing in a previous patch in this
series, so now you have two copies of it.  Please have only one.

Also, when you make changes to make-flight etc. (that is, for this
patch, and the other relevant ones in this series) you should do a
before-and-after check with standalone-generate-dump-flight-runvars
(or mg-show-flight-runvars directly) - diffing the results.

You should state the results of that diff in your commit message.  In
this case I'd expect you to assert that the existing jobs were
unchanged and list the new jobs to be included.


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