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[Xen-devel] [BUG] Xen grabs wrong VGA at VM boot

My motherboard is a SuperMicro H8DGi/F with 2x opterons 6140, an onboard Matrox 
G200 and a discrete Quadro 4000.

Dom0 is Ubuntu server 14.04 LTS with xen 4.4, XL toolstack
DomU is HVM win7 Pro x64,

I have 2 monitors, one is connected to the Quadro, the other to the onboard 
G200, Bios have been set to boot from the Matrox G200 and the integrated Matrox 
is the one I use for Dom0 control.

I had to setup the Quadro as the primary adapter, (gfx_passthrough = 1) 
otherwise the NV drivers in win7 would randomly (and pretty easily) crash even 
after trivial operations like a window resize. If insted the Quadro is the 
primary adapter, there is no problem whatsoever.

When the virtual machine is started, it erroneously boots using the montor 
connected to the onboard G200, even if such video card is never referenced in 
the VM config file.

Xen keeps on using the onboard Matrox until the Windows logo shows up (more or 
less in the middle of Windows loading process), then it switches to the Quadro.

Keyboard and mouse also seem to be PCI passed-through only after the Windows 
logo shows up.

This is  annoying because:

a) Im left with no Dom0 control monitor.
b) the onboard Matrox is not reset after guest shutdown, so I have to SSH to 
get control of the system or type without seeing anything.

Is there a way to prevent Xen from using the onboard Matrox at VM boot, or at 
least a way to reset the Matrox after guest shutdown?

Germano Cesari                                    
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