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[Xen-devel] ARM, time: alternative of using udelay() before init time

Hi, all.

I have a question about using udelay() (located in arch/arm/time.c) in XEN.
I have found out that I can't use this function before call init_xen_time(). Otherwise udelay() hangs,
since get_s_time() returns wrong result.
Even if we come from U-Boot with ARCH timer enabled (which also not always true) the global variable "cpu_khz" not initialized yet.

For example, a some UART driver has init_preirq callback where we need to call udelay(X) after changing baudrate before continuing init sequence. But we can't, since the console_init_preirq() called a bit early than init_xen_time().

So, could you please explain me is there other method I can use before init time subsystem.Â
Is the simple while loop the only way?

Thank you.


Oleksandr Tyshchenko | Embedded Dev
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