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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-xen-4.5] Add configure --with-extra-cflags-*

On Mon, Oct 20, Ian Campbell wrote:

> It looks to me like seabios_path isn't, so I'm confused about what you
> are trying to suggest:
> AC_ARG_WITH([system-seabios],
>     AS_HELP_STRING([--with-system-seabios@<:@=PATH@:>@],
>        [Use system supplied seabios PATH instead of building and installing
>         our own version]),[
>     case $withval in
>         no) seabios_path= ;;
>         *)  seabios_path=$withval ;;
>     esac
> ],[])
> AC_SUBST(seabios_path)
> Doesn't take anything fro the env, does it?

I just tried today:

# git clean -dfx
#  grep XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX config/Tools.mk

The empty [] in AC_ARG_WITH() is what is supposed to be executed if
--with*-foo was not specified. In this case nothing will be done with
EXTRA_QEMUU_CONFIGURE_ARGS. Later AC_SUBST() takes the environment
variable and does the substitution.  And the same happens if I replace
"EXTRA_QEMUU_CONFIGURE_ARGS" with "seabios_path" in my example.

I think this should not happen. To fix it the empty [] should be filled
with "variable=", like "seabios_path=".

What do you think?

> >  I also
> > question if --with-foo=no is useful at all.
> Isn't $withval=no the result of passing --without-foo?

Yes, looks like it. I will update my patch to handle also the "no" due
to --without-extra-cflags-*.


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