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Re: [Xen-devel] Is: QXL in Xen (busted) Was :Re: Xen 4.5-rc1 update (RC1 is out 2014-Oct-24th)

> I always posted all versions of the patch in xen-devel, the latest was long
> time ago.

Sometimes you need to poke the maintainers. They (at least
I do) have mailboxes so packed that sometimes emails end up
going missing. But I think their arguments is going to be:
lets figure out what is broken before putting this in the source.

.. snip..
> > Does SPICE always have to be enabled to use QXL?
> >
.. snip ..
> Xen with spice full working on both windows and linux (including
> save/restore) used for both vkvm and thin client I think would be perfect.

Right. But there is some work needed in that area (figure out what
is happening on Linux).

> > OK, looking at how the driver is setup - it seems that there is an QXL
> > KMS driver. If you boot without Xorg running but just with in the console
> > can
> > you use 'fbset' or any other framebuffer tools (linux-fb-tools)?
> > That is I am curious to see whether the 'FB' is working properly first
> > before figuring out whether Xorg is working.
> >
> Some tests ago I tried without xorg to see if kernel parts is ok (advice of
> other developer) and seems was ok.

What did you test? There is an 'drm-test' tool that was floating around?

It allows you to run most (if not all) of the Xorg functionality - but
using an tool from user-space - and with much more exposure of what
went wrong.

Could you try the following (without having Xorg in either guest):
 1). Boot up your KVM guest, install said tool - run it. Record what
    works and what does not.

 2). Boot up your Xen guest, and do the same thing. 

That should narrow down which of the hundreds' of DRM ioctls is failing
when using spice under Xen. And that ought to help narrow down this further.

I can help you a bit by sending you some debug patches, thought I do
have to warn you that I am under a lot of time-pressure so my response
is not as fast as I would want it to be.

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