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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] OSSTEST: introduce a raisin build test

On Wed, 6 May 2015, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Tue, 2015-05-05 at 18:47 +0100, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
> > > I was suggesting ts-raisin-build could contain just 1. a call to raise
> > > to list all the relevant trees 2. an iteration over the output,
> > > copying information to/from runvars, 3. an exception table to allow
> > > for situations like 'QEMU' ne uc 'qemuu' and 'QEMU_TRADITIONAL' ne uc
> > > 'qemuu'.
> > 
> > raisin does not have a list of trees, if not in the form of a default
> > config file provided for users' convenience. Theoretically
> > ts-raisin-build could use the default config and grep _URL
> > raisin/defconfig, but I think it would be uglier than the current
> > approach.
> > 
> > Keep in mind that with raisin there is no hidden git cloning of external
> > trees. Not at all. All the trees are specified in the config file and
> > cloned explicitly. Actually I think that it is nice and natural for
> > ts-raisin-build to specify a list of URLs, because ts-raisin-build also
> > wants to specify which components raisin is supposed to build and there
> > is a 1:1 relationship.
> I think a simple mapping from "osstest tree names" to "raisin
> components", (or vice versa, but the rest of the mail assumes the
> former) ought to be all which is needed here.
> Essentially you want to iterate over the runvars looks for things which
> match tree_(.*) then (modulo proper Perl syntax):
>         my $tree = $1;
>      my $comp = $osstest2raisin{$tree}
>         push @components, $comp;
>         echo >> config "uc($comp)_URL=$r{tree_${tree}}"
>         echo >> config "uc($comp)_REVISION=$r{revision_${tree}}"
> Finally
>         my $comps = join(", ", @components);
>         echo >> config "COMPONENTS=$comps"
> I'm assuming that in raisin the component name is consistently also the
> first part of the _URL and _REVISION config options, if not then %
> osstest2raisin would need to be a hash exploding to the various required
> names.

Not a problem, names are consistent in raisin.
But is that much better than

    echo >>config XEN_URL=\\"$r{tree_xen}\\"
    echo >>config QEMU_URL=\\"$r{tree_qemuu}\\"
    echo >>config QEMU_TRADITIONAL_URL=\\"$r{tree_qemu}\\"
    echo >>config SEABIOS_URL=\\"$r{tree_seabios}\\"
    echo >>config LIBVIRT_URL=\\"$r{tree_libvirt}\\"
    echo >>config OVMF_URL=\\"$r{tree_ovmf}\\"

    echo >>config XEN_REVISION=\\"$r{revision_xen}\\"
    echo >>config QEMU_REVISION=\\"$r{revision_qemuu}\\"
    echo >>config QEMU_TRADITIONAL_REVISION=\\"$r{revision_qemu}\\"
    echo >>config SEABIOS_REVISION=\\"$r{revision_seabios}\\"
    echo >>config LIBVIRT_REVISION=\\"$r{revision_libvirt}\\"
    echo >>config OVMF_REVISION=\\"$r{revision_ovmf}\\"

? This is comparable in lines of code, and much more obvious to the

Also it wouldn't fetch the urls from raisin as Ian suggested. That bit
is the part that I would prefer to avoid.

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