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Re: [Xen-devel] [v4][PATCH 12/19] tools/libxl: passes rdm reservation policy

I'm not only suggesting changing the layout of the patches; I'm

Sorry for this misunderstanding.

suggesting modifying the functionality.

In patch 12 you add a new command-line parameter to xl; so that you have
to type something like this:

# xl pci-attach ubuntu01 01:00.1,msitranslate=1 relaxed

What I'm saying is that you can drop the xl part of that patch entirely,
because once you have the xlu code in, you can just do this:

# xl pci-attach ubuntu01 01:00.1,msitranslate=1,rdm_reserve=relaxed

This has the positive advantage that you can copy and paste the same
string into both the xl command and the xl config file.

I think you're right,

    + xlu_pci_parse_bdf()

So I really should drop this patch as you said.


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