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Re: [Xen-devel] Design doc of adding ACPI support for arm64 on Xen

Hi Shannon,

On 05/08/15 10:29, Shannon Zhao wrote:
>>> 3)DOM0 how to get grant table and event channel irq informations
>>>   As said above, we assign the hypervisor_id be "XenVMM" to tell DOM0
>>>   that it runs on Xen hypervisor.
>>>   Then save the start address and size
>>>   of grant table in domain->grant_table->start_addr and
>>>   domain->grant_table->size. DOM0 can call a new hypercall
>>>   GNTTABOP_get_start_addr to get these info.
>>>   Same to event channel, we've already save interrupt number in
>>>   d->arch.evtchn_irq, so DOM0 can call a new hypercall EVTCHNOP_get_irq
>>>   to get the irq.
>> It would be nice to go down into more details and write the parameters
>> of the hypercalls in the doc as they will become a newly supported ABI.
> The parameters of GNTTABOP_get_start_addr is like below:

The hypercall is not only giving the start but also the size. So I would
rename into GNTTABOP_get_region

>     struct gnttab_get_start_addr {
>         /* IN parameters */
>         domid_t dom;

The domain ID is not necessary. We only want to retrieve grant table
region of the current domain.

>         uint16_t pad;
>         /* OUT parameters */
>         uint64_t start_addr;
>         uint64_t size;
>     };
> The parameters of EVTCHNOP_get_irq is like below:
>     struct evtchn_get_irq {
>         /* IN parameters. */
>        domid_t dom;

Same remark here.

>        uint16_t pad;
>        /* OUT parameters. */
>        uint32_t irq;

We also need to expose the type of the IRQ (i.e level/edge ...) as ACPI
and DT does.

This is to avoid been tight on edge interrupt for the event channel.

>     };

OOI, did you consider to use an HVM_PARAM rather than introducing two
new hypercalls?

>> The evtchnop would need to be called something like
>> EVTCHNOP_get_notification_irq and would need to be ARM specific (on x86
>> things are different).
>>> 4)How to map MMIO regions
>>>   a)Current implementation is mapping MMIO regions in Dom0 on demand
>>>     when trapping in Xen with a data abort.
>> I think this approach is prone to failures. A driver could program a
>> device for DMA involving regions not yet mapped. As a consequence the
>> DMA operation would fail because the SMMU would stop the transaction.
>>>   b)Another way is to map all the non-ram memory regions before booting.
>>>     But as suggested by Stefano, this will use a lot of memory to store
>>>     the pagetables.
>>>   c)Another suggested way is to use a hypercall from DOM0 to request
>>>     MMIO regions mappings after Linux complete parsing the DSDT. But I
>>>     didn't find a proper place to issue this call. Anyone has some
>>>     suggestion?
>> I suggested to exploit the bus_notifier callbacks and issue an hypercall
>> there. In the case of the PCI bus, we are already handling notifications
>> in drivers/xen/pci.c:xen_pci_notifier.
>> Once you have a struct pci_dev pointer in your hand, you can get the
>> MMIO regions from pdev->resource[bar].
>> Does that work?
> I investigate and test this approach. Adding a bus notifier for platform
> bus, it could map the mmio regions.
> Stefano, thanks for your suggestion. And does anyone else have other
> comments on this approach?

I think this approach would be the best one.


Julien Grall

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