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Re: [Xen-devel] Osstest nested patch v15 (was RE: [OSSTEST PATCH v14 PART 2 10-26/26] Nested HVM testing)

Ian Jackson writes ("RE: Osstest nested patch v15 (was RE: [OSSTEST PATCH v14 
PART 2 10-26/26] Nested HVM testing)"):
> This shows that my guest.pm is completely broken.  sshuho needs
> exporting from TestSupport.  After that is fixed there are probably
> other bugs.

I think I have fixed this.  I've updated my git branch with some
fast-forwarding (mostly `squash!') patches.

The result is now available at:
in wip.nested-hvm.v16.

I managed to bodge something to let me try to test the ts-logs-capture
and it seems to DTRT for me.  But, Robert, I would appreciate it if
you could see if it works for you in your more comprehensive setup.

In particular, could you check that
  - the ts-logs-capture output shows it sending the debug keys
  - the ts-logs-capture output doesn't show undefined variable
    warnings or other kind of Perl errors
  - the L1 serial log is captured, and contains the debug
    keys output

In the meantime I will go back and read Ian Campbell's comments and
fold in his acks.

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