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Re: [Xen-devel] Infiniband support

On Thu, 2016-01-07 at 10:14 +0000, Gohar Irfan wrote:

Please don't top post.

> I am not sure if I asked it right: I already have Infiniband installed on
> my kernel and it is working fine in the user space. However, I would like
> to use the RDMA Verbs API inside the Xen code, like calling RDMA
> functions to send/receive data. That requires Infiniband headers to be
> included in the Xen code, but I'm have difficulty with that. So is there
> any sample code of someone already calling Infiniband/RDMA functions
> within Xen code or any guide on how to recompile Xen with custom headers?

Do you mean to use RDMA Verbs API from within the Xen hypervisor itself
(i.e. the "kernel-like" part) or just from the Xen toolstack?

The former isn't likely to be possible without importing a full I/B stack
into the hypervisor, a lot of work IMHO. The latter is just userspace, so
you can use whatever libraries you would like.

It might be useful if you took a step back and explained your end goal here
since then we may be able to better guide you.


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