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Re: [Xen-devel] Error booting Xen

>>> On 19.01.16 at 20:55, <write.harmandeep@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I tried booting staging branch but results were identical. Following
> line repeats endlessly.
> (XEN) traps.c:3290: GPF (0000): ffff82d0801c1cce -> ffff82d080252e5c
> $ 'addr2line -e xen-syms ffff82d0801c1cce' returns
> 'xen/xen/arch/x86/xstate.c:387' which again points to
> xsave. Also, adding 'xsave=0' makes it boot just fine.

Ah, I think I see the issue: We're zeroing the entire save area in
the fixup code, which will make XRSTORS fault unconditionally.
Shuai, would you please look into possible ways of fixing this?
Just setting the compressed flag may not be enough, and falling
back to plain XRSTOR doesn't seem to be an option either - I'm in
particular worried that the current model of zeroing everything
is bogus with the growing number of different components which
get loaded here.

But of course another question then is why the XRSTORS faults
in the first place. I guess we'll need a debugging patch to dump
the full state to understand that.


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