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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 04/12] xen/hvmlite: Bootstrap HVMlite guest

On 01/22/2016 06:32 PM, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 04:35:50PM -0500, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:

+ * This routine (and those that it might call) should not use
+ * anything that lives in .bss since that segment will be cleared later
+ */
+void __init xen_prepare_hvmlite(void)
+       u32 eax, ecx, edx, msr;
+       u64 pfn;
+       cpuid(xen_cpuid_base() + 2, &eax, &msr, &ecx, &edx);
+       pfn = __pa(hypercall_page);
+       wrmsr_safe(msr, (u32)pfn, (u32)(pfn >> 32));
+       pv_info.name = "Xen HVMlite";
+       xen_domain_type = XEN_HVM_DOMAIN;
+       xen_hvmlite = 1;
+       x86_init.oem.arch_setup = xen_init_kernel;
+       x86_init.oem.banner = xen_banner;
+       hvmlite_bootparams();
If the boot_params.hdr.hardware_subarch_data pointed to a custom
struct then the first C entry point for Xen could shuffle this and
set this too, by still using less asm entry helpers. We'd still
need this run but with the linker table I think we could have
a stub small stub for hvm run, it would not be a call from asm.

Perhaps, but someone would still have to set hardware_subarch. And it's hvmlite_bootparams() that does it.

And that's not sufficient, I think. There are still some things that trampoline code sets up (e.g. page tables for 64-bit).


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