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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/9] xen: build fixes with gcc5 and binutils 2.25.0

On Tue, 2016-02-09 at 16:56 +0100, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
> No you're right, this just fell through the cracks. The surprising case of
> things still being broken on modern tools however should raise a bit of
> concern either by opensuse factory folks or by Xen build folks in general.

AFAIK both Xen 4.6 and Xen unstable build fine with gcc5 now, and unstable
does so even with gcc6.

> The issues with required target platfroms to build and if developers are
> required to backport features for tools carried / forked is also a pretty
> important and IMHO a heavy requirement.

I'm not sure what this means, but Xen surely doesn't require anyone to
backport toolchains.

> > FWIW I would also suggest sending fixes to different components (qemu-xen,
> > qemu-xentraditional, xen.git, mini-os.git) as different series, lest
> > someone read patch #1 and assume the whole series is against that component
> > rather than something they maintain.
> OK thanks. Right Jan didn't read that cover letter so he was not ware of
> the work I put into vetting if things were upstream or not.

This seems like a non-sequitor compared to the paragraph quoted above it
(i.e. I'm not sure what upstream vs not has to do with sending unrelated
patches against different components in different series).

> > And BTW when we say to copy the maintainers we mean the person/people
> > responsible for the component in Xen, not the upstream maintainers,
> > e.g.
> > Stefano for qemu-xen not Peter Maydell. The xen.git MAINTAINERS file
> > lists
> > the right people.
> Sure, I do both though, first real upstream and then prod the Xen maintainers.
> I take it scripts/get_maintainer.pl should work though? I tried it in a few
> patches and it seemed to have worked

I wouldn't bet on it always doing the right thing with 3rd party components
like qemu-xen.


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