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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 3/3] tools: introduce parameter max_wp_ram_ranges.

>>> On 17.02.16 at 09:58, <Paul.Durrant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I'd envisaged that setting HVM_emulate_0 type on a page would mean
>> nothing until an
>> for "mean nothing" what is the default policy then if guest happens to access
>> it
>> before any ioreq server claims it?
> My thoughts were that, since no specific emulation has yet been requested 
> (because no ioreq server has yet claimed it) that the default policy is to 
> treat it as r/w RAM as I said below. This is because I think the only legal 
> type transitions should be from HVMMEM_ram_rw to HVMMEM_emulate_0 and back 
> again.



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