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Re: [Xen-devel] Xentrace on Xilinx ARM


To update to the current situation. I have been able to get xentrace() and
xenalyze working completely (at least as far as I can tell) on ARM.

For xentrace there were changes to the memory allocation routines to allow
mapping of the Xen Heap by dom0, correcting the MFN->PFN translations, adding
the trace buffer initialization to setup.c (init_trace_bufs), and correcting the
get_cycles() call to provide the system TSC. For the get_cycles() call I
gathered that was supposed to return the raw tick count, not a translated
ticks->real time timestamp. I then had to call xenalyze with the core frequency
defined so the timestamps made sence.

Paul: Was there anything else you did I missed?

>It's not part of any Xen image. It's a command line tool to be used, usually
>but not necessarily, in dom0, build and installed together with the other
>tools... At least in my case, for x86 builds and installs. 

For xenalyze I had to modify the makefile to build xenalyze on the ARM platform
(it was specifically removed from the ARM build). Once that was corrected I
could find and call it from dom0. It built only locally to Xen though (could
only run from dom0), I could not use it from the native Linux development
environment (I don't know if you're supposed to be able to? Or since I'm running
ARM it built for ARM not x86 and thus could not be used natively).

I plan to push they changes in as a patch to the mainline if that seems
reasonable to everyone.

Ben Sanda
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