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[Xen-devel] Code Review Dashboard (nearly-complete)

Hi folks,

the code review dashboard is nearly complete. The read-only version is 
accessible via https://kibana.bitergia.com/xen

We added plenty of documentation in the Documentation menu at the top, which 
explains how the panels and various use-cases work.

Items still to do:
* We have not been able to match code reviews that relate to Linux, QEMU, 
FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc. which are cross-posted on xen-devel@ ... These will 
currently show up as un-merged and skew the backlog (aka make it bigger than it 
is). We will look at these at some later point.
* The data is nearly up-to-date as per 2 days ago, but we have not yet set up 
the cron-job to update the underlying data set
* We have not added time filters for release cycles (Xen 4.2, Xen 4.3, ...) : I 
just have not had the time to map the labels to 

But generally it is very good and I believe it should help all members within 
the Xen community to track their own patches, as well as help reviewers, 
maintainers and committers.

Feedback is welcome: I can also easily create new views and dashboards, if 
needed. I will give a demo at the Hackathon, for those who are interested. I 
believe, the dashboard will really be able to provide some useful insights, as 
well as help various members in the community.

Please have a look!

Best Regards
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