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Re: [Xen-devel] ARM bare metal application test

On Mon, May 09, 2016 at 10:29:09AM +0000, Ivan Pavić2 wrote:
> Julien Grail wrote:
> > You can dump the registers of a vCPU with xenctx.
> > $PREFIX/lib/xen/bin/xenctx domid
> > $PREFIX is the path where xen tools have been installed (i.e --prefix on
> > the configure). The default path is /usr/local/
> Thanks for advice. I discovered that the PC has value 0x0C and SPSR of ABT 
> mode is same
> as CPSR so I think that is prefetch abort. But I don't understand why it 
> happens? Invalid memory
> access? I'm using simple linker script:

What does objdump tell you for the binary? 

Julien, is there an document outlining what the state of the CPU is when a guest
is started on ARM? Ah in the Linux Documentation/arm/Booting 

> ...
> ENTRY(_start)
> {
>   _start = 0x80008000;
>   . = _start;
>   .text : {
>     *(.start);
>     *(.text);
>   }

OK, but that makes an ELF file. I believe (based on the Booting) you need to 
the binary code out and also fixup the branch instructions (maybe make __Start 
= 0;?).

The Booting says:

- The boot loader is expected to call the kernel image by jumping               
  directly to the first instruction of the kernel image.  

So if it is ELF it will jump in the ELF header, not the code.

> ...
> Thanks in advance.
> Ivan Pavić
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