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[Xen-devel] ARM bare metal application test

Hello Julien,

Julien Grall wrote: 
> Guest are booting with MMU disabled, so 0x80008000 will be the physical
> address.

> The toolstack will load the kernel at this physical address. However,
> the start of the guest RAM for Xen 4.7 is 0x40000000 (see
> include/public/arch-arm.h). Can you try to use 0x40008000 for the guest
> address?

I changed address. It seems the problem is solved because PC is now 
40008030 (that is address of "work: b work" i think). 

> By the way, how much RAM did you give to the guest?

I wrote "memory = 32" in cfg file, I think that stands for 32 MB? 

I will continue working on this. 

Thank you very much,
Ivan Pavić.

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