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[Xen-devel] Odgovor: Basic bare metal ARM domain interface


>> I used FreeRTOS code for console output. It is based on Mini OS code. There 
>> are two problems as I've >determined
>> with debugging. First is that vsnprintf blocks for some reason in print 
>> function so i commented it out. After the

>snprintf blocks...

>> hypercall function blocked as well. I modified hypercall function so it 
>> looks like this:
>>(void)HYPERVISOR_console_io(CONSOLEIO_write, 3, "yes");

>As the call failed I decided to make hypervisor call directly in boot 
>procedure, so I put this assembler code just >before
>branch to main:

>        mov r12, #18 ; console io code
>        mov r0, #0 ; write operation(first parameter)
>        mov r1, #5 ; length of message (second parameter)
>       ldr r2, =msg ; message address (third parameter)
>        .long 0xe140ea71 ; hvc instruction
>        b main ; branch to main

>msg is defined as:

>    .asciz "hello"

>I get deadbeef in registers, apperently something happened (xenctx output):
>PC:       4000c5bc
>CPSR:     600001f3
>USR:               SP:00000000 LR:00000000
>SVC: SPSR:00000000 SP:4011c200 LR:400080a8
>FIQ: SPSR:00000000 SP:40124200 LR:00000000
>IRQ: SPSR:00000000 SP:40120200 LR:00000000
>ABT: SPSR:00000000 SP:40128200 LR:00000000
>UND: SPSR:00000000 SP:4012c200 LR:00000000

 >r0_usr: 00000000        r1_usr: deadbeef        r2_usr: deadbeef
 >r3_usr: 00000000        r4_usr: 00000000        r5_usr: 00000000
 >r6_usr: 00000000        r7_usr: 00000000        r8_usr: 00000000
 >r9_usr: 00000064       r10_usr: 00000064       r11_usr: 00000000
>r12_usr: deadbeef

>According to arch-arm.h r0 is return value of call. It is 0, operation 
>successful???? Still I don't get output on

>Thank you in advance,


>Ivan Pavic

I still didn't solve why I don't see no output on emergency console, I think I 
should because if deadbeef in registers it 
do_console_io should have been called. However new problem emerged i tried to 
add iomem 
parameter in configuration file to get access over gpio but domain won't start 
because operation is not permitted. 
Should I somehow release disable that memory space for dom0, perhaps in dts for 

Snippet from dom.cfg file:

iomem = ["0x13400000,1@0x41400000"]

0x13400000 is base address of GPIO that I want to use.

I get this error: (snippet from xl -vvv create -c dom.cfg)

libxl: debug: libxl_create.c:1213:domcreate_launch_dm: dom4 iomem 
libxl: error: libxl_create.c:1220:domcreate_launch_dm: failed give dom4 access 
to iomem range 13400000-13400000: Operation not permitted
libxl: debug: libxl.c:1719:devices_destroy_cb: forked pid 3835 for destroy of 
domain 4

Thank you in advance,

Ivan Pavic
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