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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC Patch v4 2/8] ioreq: bump the number of IOREQ page to 4 pages

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> >
> > Hmm. That looks like it is because the ioreq server pages are not owned by
> > the correct domain. The Xen patch series underwent some changes later in
> > review and I did not re-test my QEMU patch after that so I wonder if
> > mapping IOREQ pages has simply become broken. I'll investigate.
> >
> I have reproduced the problem locally now. Will try to figure out the bug
> tomorrow.


  Can you try my new branch 

  The problem was indeed that the ioreq pages were owned by the emulating 
domain rather than the target domain, which is no longer compatible with 
privcmd's use of HYPERVISOR_mmu_update.


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