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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V1 1/1] Xen/libxl: Perform PCI reset using 'reset' SysFS attribute

Den 18. des. 2017 19:33, skrev Govinda Tatti:
>>>> Are you saying do_flr doesn't exist at all in any version of Linux,
>>>> and as such the line you're removing is currently pointless?
>>> Yes, that's correct. In other-words, it will not break any existing code
>>> or functionality.
>> Except for people, like me, running unofficial patches to linux. It
>> should be OK to assume they are watching this thread.
> Do we need to account for unofficial patches or usage of do_flr?. If yes,
> we need to maintainbackward compatibility for do_flr attribute.

When the final, official change to the linux backend driver goes in,
local patches will no longer apply.

The cause should be obvious to anybody dealing with patching the linux
sources on their own. Running newer kernels as dom0 on old Xen would
just mean those people would need a different (simpler) patch.

As a convenience, I'd like a heads up before the interface on the
xen/libxl side changes, so I can make sure to run a compatible dom0
kernel. An entry in changelog should suffice.

A wishlist item might be to have libxl error message be as fool-proof as
possible. "Failed to access pciback path %s" could perhaps be improved
upon. Perhaps add "make sure pciback version is compatible with libxl

Adding backwards compatibility code just for this would be unnecessary
cruft as far as I can see.

I'll go back to lurking now.

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