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Re: [Xen-devel] null scheduler bug

I ran some more tests and managed to successfully create and destroy
domU as many times as I want, without any delay between destroy and
I added:
 printk("End of a domain_destroy function");
 in domain_destroy function and
printk("End of a complete_domain_destroy function"); in
complete_domain_destroy function, at the end of the functions.
Those functions are in domain.c file.
Now, after every xl create it prints:

root@uz3eg-iocc-2018-2:~# xl create bm1.cfg
Parsing config from bm1.cfg
<G><3>memory_map:add: dom2 gfn=ff0a0 mfn=ff0a0 nr=1

This line never printed before but it doesn't affect anything:
<G><3>memory_map:add: dom2 gfn=ff0a0 mfn=ff0a0 nr=1

I tried removing printk from functions and I got same problem like before.

Do you guys have any idea what is going on here?
Thanks in advance, best regards!

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