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Re: [Xen-devel] null scheduler bug


Sorry for not having followed up. I was (and still am) planning to, but
am also a bit busy.

On Thu, 2018-09-20 at 15:04 +0200, Milan Boberic wrote:
> I ran some more tests and managed to successfully create and destroy
> domU as many times as I want, without any delay between destroy and
> create.
> I added:
>  printk("End of a domain_destroy function");
>  in domain_destroy function and
> printk("End of a complete_domain_destroy function"); in
> complete_domain_destroy function, at the end of the functions.
> Those functions are in domain.c file.
Right. This is exactly the kind of debug patch I wanted to
suggest/send. It is, in fact, what was being use to diagnose/fix the
RCU issue, when it first came up, as you may have seen.

> Now, after every xl create it prints:
> root@uz3eg-iocc-2018-2:~# xl create bm1.cfg
> Parsing config from bm1.cfg
> <G><3>memory_map:add: dom2 gfn=ff0a0 mfn=ff0a0 nr=1
Mmm... So, you added a printk() (or, actually, two of them) in the
domain destruction path, and are seeing (different) things being
printed during domain creation? How nice! :-D

I'm not sure how that happens, and whether/how this new output relates
to the problem. However, what about the printk() you added? Do you see
their output? It may be visible only on the console and/or in `xl

While there, if you can, I'd add timestamsp, e.g.:

printk("t=%"PRI_stime":End of a domain_destroy function", NOW());
printk("t=%"PRI_stime":End of a complete_domain_destroy function", NOW());

and check what the outpur looks like both under credit or credit2, and
under null.

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