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Re: [Xen-devel] Porting XEN hypervisor on iMX8QM


I am CCing Peng Fan who is working for NXP and also on Xen. Peng, do you have any pointer to getting Xen running on iMX8QM?


On 06/11/2018 18:59, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
Hi Ravi,

Please have a look at our wiki as a reference:

I would start from cross-compiling the Xen hypervisor (the xen/
directory), no need to build the Xen userspace tools initially.
Make sure to have the right early boot uart driver, see
CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK and docs/misc/arm/early-printk.txt.

After you boot the Xen binary from uboot, you should be able to see some
console output from the hypervisror. The step after that is booting



On Mon, 5 Nov 2018, Ravi Pichholiya wrote:
Hi Stefano,
This is in reference to our LinkedIn discussion, in our one of the project we 
need to port XEN hypervisor on iMx8QM.

Request you to share what all visibility we should require from boot 
prospective as currently we are having access to Device tree
and U-boot source code only. Is access to any other files are also required?

Also some reference to start with the porting of XEN if available with you.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Pichholiya

Julien Grall

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