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[PATCH 00/10] x86: mm (mainly shadow) adjustments

Large parts of this series are to further isolate pieces which
are needed for HVM only, and hence would better not be built
with HVM=n. But there are also a few other items which I've
noticed along the road.

01: mm: no-one passes a NULL domain to init_xen_l4_slots()
02: shadow: drop a stray forward structure declaration
03: shadow: monitor table is HVM-only
04: shadow: sh_update_linear_entries() is a no-op for PV
05: mm: monitor table is HVM-only
06: shadow: sh_remove_write_access_from_sl1p() can be static
07: shadow: the guess_wrmap() hook is needed for HVM only
08: mm: pagetable_dying() is HVM-only
09: shadow: the trace_emul_write_val() hook is HVM-only
10: shadow: don't open-code shadow_blow_tables_per_domain()




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