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Re: [BUG] Xen build for RCAR failing

Hello all

[Sorry for the possible format issues]

> Is there any document which I could refer to bring up Xen[DOM0] and have an hands on ? because am currently seeing no output after this

The actual document I am aware of [1]. *Although this is not exactly how to bring up Xen Dom0*, this is about how to bring up the whole Xen based system (based on v4.13 release) with thin generic ARMv8 Dom0 without H/W, DomD with H/W (based on Renesas BSP v3.21.0) and DomU with set of PV drivers, so contains a lot of probably an extra/unneeded information for you, but you could refer to meta-xt-prod-devel/meta-xt-images Yocto layers anyway in order to find information regarding various Xen bits (including default chosen node for Host device tree).


Oleksandr Tyshchenko



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