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Re: [PATCH] x86/pv: Flush TLB in response to paging structure changes

On 20.10.2020 17:24, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> With MMU_UPDATE, a PV guest can make changes to higher level pagetables.  This
> is from Xen's point of view (as the update only affects guest mappings), and
> the guest is required to flush suitably after making updates.
> However, Xen's use of linear pagetables (UPDATE_VA_MAPPING, GNTTABOP_map,
> writeable pagetables, etc.) is an implementation detail outside of the
> Changes in the paging structure require invalidations in the linear pagetable
> range for subsequent accesses into the linear pagetables to access non-stale
> mappings.  Xen must provide suitable flushing to prevent intermixed guest
> actions from accidentally accessing/modifying the wrong pagetable.
> For all L2 and higher modifications, flush the full TLB.  (This could in
> principle be an order 39 flush starting at LINEAR_PT_VIRT_START, but no such
> mechanism exists in practice.)
> As this combines with sync_guest for XPTI L4 "shadowing", replace the
> sync_guest boolean with flush_flags and accumulate flags.  The sync_guest case
> now always needs to flush, there is no point trying to exclude the current CPU
> from the flush mask.  Use pt_owner->dirty_cpumask directly.

Why is there no point? There's no need for the FLUSH_ROOT_PGTBL
part of the flushing on the local CPU. The draft you had sent
earlier looked better in this regard.




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