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Re: [Xen-users] filesystem image of Fedora Core for Xen? / Others VM


That's great and thank you but any size (even 2 gig or more) is acceptable.

I think in the interest of "excellence" and "comprehensive distributions" there should be no size restrictions. It is what you decide as a build contributor. The contributors of the builds can do the build distributions as they see fit as long as the installation is easy and documented. If there are some standards that someone thinks are appropriate in this regard they should speak out now about that issue so it is resolved prior to server installation.

If there is enough support in the way of build contributions then I would expect the server to be on line in a few weeks. I would like to provide the contributors with direct access to the LAN (if they want) and definitely to the server. Some parts of the LAN would be on line as close to 7x24 as I am able to manage. The Internet connection would be satellite and the physical location is a rural area in Alberta, Canada. It would be nice if someone could administrate this server remotely so that I do not have total control over it's usage but that is not a key concern. Eventually, we could get more bandwidth and an alternate control site in order to ensure continuity so if for any reason one site becomes unavailable the other would take over. All these details have to be worked out once there appears to be enough build contributors. I would suggest that your builds do not exceed the limitations of a DVD (approx. 4.7gig). I will pop as many 200+ gig drives into the server as it will take and can extend this to network (NFS or otherwise) drives. The server would have only 1 purpose and that is to serve these build distributions and associated information.

I would also like volunteers for remote web master for this proposed server -- in this case the web master would also be the remote administrator and do his or her best to ensure security and access, use and expansion of the server facility. Build contributors would work with this remote administrator(s) to arrange placement of their build distribution(s) onto the server and probably a web page associated with their build(s), one for every build. This web master can be located anywhere in the world as long as they know what they are doing. User usage issues that come out of this situation could be relayed to the development team after being checked by the Build Distribution Owner/Contributor if that is their decision. We take no responsibility for user problems and they will be properly advised on this before they download and must agree before download is permitted. I will fully cooperate with someone in this regard and the many details of server administration and installation will have to be worked out by us. I would also suggest giving the Xen development team access rights to this server and significant say over related issues.

Thanks to all. If this response continues then we have a PROJECT GO -- but not yet.

Thanks -- Ted

Antoine Nivard wrote:

Ted Hilts a Ãcrit :

I am still waiting for volunteers to freely contribute their Dom 0 and DomU builds (with associated sources) in a way suitable as an easily

For the French community, we will put some VM (domU) available:

And we are looking for VM (domU) with this applications:
* AlternC
* Gforge
* Plone
* SambaOpenLDAP+ACL
* Others?

About the size of the VM (domU), we should provide images less than 500 Mbytes?

What do you think about that?

    Antoine N.
webmaster of http://XENfr.org
James done the same thing with: http://wiki.xensource.com/

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