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Re: [Xen-users] Xen reboots on dom-U disk stress...

Mark Williamson wrote:

We're trying GNDB, iSCSI et al... (any preferences?)

From what I've heard, GNBD works pretty well and has the best performance of
the NBDs. iSCSI is more sophisticated but may well be overkill for your needs.

With GNBD I imagine it's a simple matter to get the daemon to serve out the disk file, so it should be pretty easy to convert your setup. You could then either have the domain use GNBD root (probably booting with an initrd), or just re-export the device from dom0 as you have been doing.
The 'nice' thing about loop-back files is that they are sparse, and are easy to dynamically create and destroy. The NBD's, on the other hand, need a dedicated device the far end (which tends to be a fairly static configuration). I guess the server-side device could be a loop-back device, but then you're pushing loop-back onto the server.

Mmmm ...

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