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Re: [Xen-users] 64-bit guest in 32-bit Xen/dom0 - ever?

> The question was supposed to be: Will it be possible to run 32-bit guest
> (incl PAE) under a 64-bit Xen and dom0 ?

I did wonder ;-)

> This was already addressed by Mark though.
> My reason for asking is this will allow for a transition to 64-bit for
> users.

I guess if you really want *the same* environment for 32-bit users, i.e. using 
a XenLinux kernel, you could run a 32-bit Xen under VT under 64-bit Xen.  The 
performance implications of this are a bit painful though.  Better to either:

* migrate to a 64-bit kernel and userland if possible (best)
* use 32-on-64 support for Xen when & if it becomes available
* migrate to a 32-bit native i386 kernel, running in VT

You'll have a migration path, but it's likely to have some fiddling involved.


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