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Re: [Xen-users] Debian XenSpecificGlibc

Am Dienstag, 21. März 2006 18:41 schrieb Goetz Bock:
> On Tue, Mar 21 '06 at 18:33, Ralph Passgang wrote:
> > > Why would I want a specialized glibc? What is wrong with the standard
> > > one?
> >
> > [ ... ]
> > but moving /lib/tls away is not optimal for more than one reason:
> > - it's no permanent solution. You have to do this after each glibc
> > upgrade on each dom0 and domU.
> Just some nitpicking here: dpkg-divert will make the move permanent.
> I use it on all my 32bit (only 4 left ;-) ) virtual domains, since i
> switched to debian, as even uml needs(/needed?) it.

you right, you can use dpkg-divert for this... but in my opinion this is only 
a hook/hack and not a really cool solutoin for the debian distribution.

- diverting all files in /lib/tls doesn't handle the situation where you 
switching from a xenified kernel to a normal one. of couse you can 
have /lib/tls disabled all the time, but it's not the optimal solution.

- it's not really user-firendly. having the official debian xen3 packages 
(which will be available in future) recommend/suggest libc6-xen is way 

- and last but definitly not least: it should bring better performance than 
just disabling /lib/tls completly... 


p.s.: in theory the libc6-xen package should also work on uml and fix 
the /lib/tls problem there (because it's basicly the same issue). but I am 
absolutly not sure if glibc wouldn't needed to get patched addionally for 
also supporting/detecting uml kernels... as far as I know there is no plan to 
officially support uml with it's own seperate glibc-flavour.

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