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Re: [Xen-users] hardware accelerated 3D-graphics in Win-XP-domU possible?

> > Further in the future:
> > * Jacob Gorm Hansen has written a paravirtualised 3d driver called
> > "blink" that may allow this (nb. currently for Linux / Unix guests)
> > * You might be able to give Linux guests access to a separate PCI
> > graphics card using the PCI assignment stuff
> >
> > If you want Windows games, I guess you could use Wine / Cedega .... ?  Of
> > course if you did that, you might as well run in dom0 or on native Linux!
> Unfortunately every time I purchase a new game it's not supported by
> Cedega.  Half of the games are supported after a year.


> > Further developments include efforts by some companies to develop a
> > virtualisation-aware 3d graphics card that'll support multiple virtual
> > machines, and the IOMMU work mentioned.  It'd also be possible to emulate
> > a full 3d card to the Windows guest, but it's not clear that'd be worth
> > the effort.
> If necessary I would dedicate a graphics card exclusive for the Win-domU.
> But the IOMMU work is still necessary.


> I had thought a Win-XP virtual graphics-driver could forward the domU
> direct-x3d calls to a dom0 wine-proxy.  This proxy would use the
> accelerated hardware.  Ignorance about problems in this field leads to
> interesting thoughts ;-).

This is a bit like what Jacob's Blink driver does (except that his works for 
OpenGL).  Doable in principle, just nobody is hacking on it at the moment.  
If it was made to work it would be extremely cool!


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