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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on Mac with Intel Core Duo

Randy Thelen schrieb:

Philip Sheu wrote:

Has anyone used a Mac with Intel Core Duo to run Xen successfully? It
seems to be one of the few platforms commercially available with Intel
VT enabled.

Philip, there have been several threads on that here. Basic problem is: You need a base system with a xen dom0 kernel which nobody has developed for MacOS X yet.

I haven't seen that, yet, but I have run Xen on Parallels which utilizes VT-x. Unfortunately, my experiment did not yield a fully booted system. See my right up over here:


Randy, I simply do not understand: what is the benefit of running Xen on Parallels? Why not run Linux, Windows, etc. seperately as separate Parallels guests?


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