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Re: [Xen-users] XEN+CLVM+GFS


> You get consistent naming with CLVM.

big overkill. other tools will give you consistent names w/o the cluster 

> The benefit is that multiple hosts can write safely to the same filesystem.

Which is not what you need for XEN, here you need multiple hosts accessing 
the same disk space, not neccessarily in form of a filesystem. As long as 
you can guarantuee from "above" (e.g. your XEN management software), that 
each piece of data will be accessed only by one host at the same time, 
then you don't need a cluster FS that enforces this for you.

> It's not that difficult to set up if you read all of the documentation
> and actually understand it before you begin.  Pick your lock manager,
> find what needs to be shared and with whom, configure your cluster
> configuration, and start up the machines.  If you have problems with
> joining or leaving the cluster, or fencing, it's all pretty well
> documented.  It's not simple, but it's not as complicated as everyone
> makes it sound.

As I said, I did it and you start assuming things about me which are 
without justification.

> Crash or fence?  A single mistake will probably only prevent your
> cluster from starting, or at worst, you would get an undesired cluster
> partition which is easily detected and easily fixed.

No, that worked well. But messing with the IPs and network interfaces will 
lock up the entire cluster, like removing a secondary IP from the 
interface that was used for the DLM traffic.

And of course losing quorum :-)

In any case I didn't want to put GFS down but rather point out a simpler 
way to achieve a similar goal.


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