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Re: [Xen-users] e100 + Xen + VLAN -> VLANs don't work?

On Friday 02 February 2007 16:11, Timo Benk wrote:
> > in 3.0.2 there was an upper limit in MTU, in both front and back driver.
> Hm, i am using 3.0.4-1 and for me it is still necessary.

maybe you have a driver limit in e100, but it should not be as long as it 
support vlans.

> > BTW, changing MTU to 1492 is not IMHO a good way to workaround.
> Why?

well, your switch (apart from some switch) suppose that you have 1500 byte of 
and all machine in your lan suppose it.
you will have fragmentation your packet, if you are luckie, and maybe 
sometimes you will lose big packets (at least, i did).

ok, that should not be in theory, but in real world it is something like 


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