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Re: [Xen-users] e100 + Xen + VLAN -> VLANs don't work?

On Friday 02 February 2007 16:13, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Which leads me to a question: those for whom VLANs work with 100 Mbit
> cards

maybe you can ask it to xen-devel.
but i guess that they will say "hey, do you still use 100 mbit network?" (i 
must say that i will never use a 100 mbit in producion, you can buy for 20$ 
an e1000 on ebay...)

> do you set it up in dom0, or in domU? 

both (see below).

> Setting up a VLAN in domU is a wrong approach.

i agree, except for some applications.
we have 4 labs, and we must configure some machine with an ip on all the labs 
(they are on different network).

that are trusted machine, so it is a good way to setup it directly in domU.

but generally speaking, yes, it is bad.


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